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Gold Maeng Da 50CT Capsules


Users report a variety of effects from Gold Maeng Da, principally pain relief. What effects you receive will depend on how the Kratom interacts with your body. Many Kratom users consider Gold Maeng Da a “fast” strain. A fast strain produces effects faster than the average strain.

  • Users report that Gold Maeng Da provides excellent pain relief. Many consider it the most potent of all Kratom strains for pain relief.
  • They also report that Gold Maeng Da provides a boost in energy. Some report feeling as if they could work a double shift. Others report having the energy to exercise or handle other physical tasks.
  • A large percentage of users report a euphoric, mildly calming effect from Gold Maeng Da. Most agree that Gold Maeng Da provides no sedation. Therefore, people claim it boosts energy, boosts your mood, and reduces your pain. Sounds like a triple crown winner.
  • The FDA has not approved Gold Maeng Da to treat any condition, nor has it investigated the claimed effects. The reported effects are not guaranteed, and their reports are not medical advice. If you require medical attention, you should consult a physician or other medical professional.
  • Link for lab Results https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BGo-FhgG4jjdLhy9X3GhcU2vTDKNvLhnyU6cuq0Kbcw/edit?usp=sharing